GoAir, Indigo plane deferrals enrage travelers over end of the week

New Delhi, February 22, 2018:  Go Air’s flight G8465 to Delhi, plan for takeoff at 12.05 pm, was postponed by almost three hours, leaving numerous travelers disappointed. “Travelers were holding up at the airplane terminal since 10.30 am and the loading up call should be at 11.25 am. We could see the flying machine connected to the aerobridge, yet we were continued holding up till 2 pm with no news about the take off. The flight at long last left at 2.34 pm,” said previous MLA Krishna Hegde.

“All Go Air flights were postponed by hours.”

Indigo’s flight 6E 168 to Delhi, planned for a 12.40 pm takeoff, too was postponed and in the long run took off just at 3.25 pm

As per sources, travelers of an Indigo flight to Lucknow, flight 6E 6446, made a ruckus at the air terminal on Saturday night after their flight was postponed by around five hours.

In spite of the fact that the flight was planned for takeoff at 7.35 pm, it just left after 12 pm. Fomented travelers later charged that the ground staff acted up with them and grumbled that the staff did not impart appropriately.

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