Say goodbye to airplane mode: In-flight Wi-Fi coming soon in Indian airspace

New Delhi, April 21, 2018:  Flyers will soon get to access data services during flights as the country’s telecoms operator is all set to allow airlines to offer Wi-Fi services in the Indian airspace.

The Telecom Commission, the highest decision-making body at Indian government’s department of telecommunications (DoT), is set to approve the much-awaited proposal at its next meeting scheduled on May 1, Mint reported on Thursday.

The Telecom Commission was contacted and we are awaiting their response to the report.

As soon as DoT approves the plan, airlines would be free to offer Wi-Fi services to passengers. Moreover, the pricing would be left to airlines, a DoT official told Mint, adding that the DoT would sign a license contract with the particular provider according to

The approval will allow airlines to cash in on the latent demand for Wi-Fi connectivity that they have been seeing in India as passengers are increasingly looking to stay connected during their flights.

Providing Wi-Fi on board is a good source of ancillary revenue for the airline industry, and this is one segment that airlines are increasingly looking at to add to their profits.

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