Book economy, bid for a first class ticket is Jet Airways’ latest offer

New Delhi, May o9, 2018: Passengers with confirmed economy and premiere class tickets on Jet Airways flights can now bid for a premiere or first class seat. Jet Airways launched their JetUpgrade offer yesterday that enables passengers to move their bookings across classes. As mentioned on their website, this is a first-of-its-kind offer in the Indian aviation industry.

Passengers can avail the upgrade under the website’s ‘Manage My Booking’ section, where they can state the amount they are willing to shell out for the upgrade bid. The bidding would open at least 7 days before the flight’s departure and would close 24 hours before the flight’s scheduled time. In the interim period, bidders will be able to modify or cancel their bids. However, once the bid is accepted as per the defined timelines, the guest would not be able to withdraw it. according to

The process would initiate once the eligible passenger receives an email to bid for an upgrade. It must be mentioned that passengers can pay via credit card only. Once the passenger chooses to bid and places it, they can even modify it to increase their winning chances. If the bid is successful, the airline would charge the card and confirm the upgrade via email within 24 hours of the flight’s scheduled departure. A revised boarding pass with the upgrade details would be issued. If the bid is unsuccessful, the passenger would not be charged for it and their original booking would still stand.

Alternatively, one could go for the instant upgrade as well. Once they receive the eligibility mail from the airline, the passengers could choose to pay the fixed amount via credit card and upgrade their seat.

Raj Sivakumar, Sr. Vice President, Network Planning and Revenue Management, Jet Airways said, “JetUpgrade illustrates yet another first in the airline’s history of undertaking continuous innovations for over two decades, in order to offer guests an exceptional flying experience. Being dynamic in nature, JetUpgrade raises the industry benchmark of customer experience, offering more value to those guests who appreciate our superior in-flight services.”

JetUpgrade has been rolled out by the airline across its entire network of 65 domestic and international destinations, and all flights operated by it.

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