Mariya Zuberi, the brave pilot who lost her life while saving many others in Mumbai plane crash

New Delhi,July 1, 2018:  Her doctor father wanted Mariya Zuberi to follow his profession, but she was determined to become a pilot. On Thursday, when her ill-fated aircraft reportedly developed a mechanical snag, Mariya exhibited exemplary dedication to profession and presence of mind, steering the plane out of dense residential areas of Ghatkopar before it crashed near a construction site, thus saving many more lives.

Capt Mariya Zuberi who flew UY Aviation’s charter aircraft had 900 hours of flying experience and was a former pilot with Jet Airways. Prior to that, Mariya worked with an aviation engineering company in 2005 as First Officer according to according to

There are usually at least four dozen labourers working on the premises but they had taken a lunch break when the aircraft crashed, creating a crater by its impact. Mariya and her co-pilot’s decision had also prevented the plane from crashing into a nearby school.

The co-pilot’s husband and lawyer Prabhast Kathuria said his wife Capt Mariya had warned that the inclement weather was not suited for the test flight, but ignoring her advice, the flight was undertaken. Kathuria has demanded a thorough probe into the matter.

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