India’s IndiGo among the world’s most punctual mega airlines

New Delhi,July 22, 2018: Indians are not exactly known for their punctuality. In fact, there are jokes aplenty about the Indian Standard Time (IST) and how it usually runs behind the clock for many. However, in a welcome change, breaking away from this notion and an Indian airline finds itself among global carriers with the most on-time.

performance or OTP. The list of ‘Top 20 mega airlines’ put together by UK-based OAG Aviation Worldwide Ltd, an air travel intelligence company, features India’s IndiGo at fourth position with an OTP score of 81.22 per cent (arrivals only) according to

Flights that arrive or depart before 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival or departure, are considered on-time performers by the air travel intelligence firm. In the rankings, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways stood at the first and second place with an OTP of 85.27 per cent and 83.81 per cent respectively.

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