Dopler-based weather radars for general aviation aircraft avionics introduced by Garmin

Olathe, July 28, 2018: Garmin International Inc. in Olathe, Kan., is introducing the GWX 75 weather radars for a wide range of general aviation aircraft avionics. The Doppler-based, solid-state unit offers exceptional range and a enhanced color palette that has more color contouring than traditional weather radars.

A helicopter version of the weather radar, the GWX 75H also is available. Optional features such as turbulence detection and ground clutter suppression also are available.

The GWX 75 has a solid-state design, and offers reduced power consumption and extended life compared to earlier-generation magnetron-based weather radars. The GWX 75 offers a range of 320 nautical miles and horizontal scan angles as wide as 120 degrees.

The radar also has pilot-adjustable sector scanning to focus on an area of interest. The GWX 75 also retains vertical scan capabilities to enable the pilot to focus on storm tops, gradients, and storm cell build-up at various altitudes according to

Optional turbulence detection identifies turbulence in air containing certain particulates, such as precipitation, while optional ground clutter suppression removes radar ground returns from the display. Garmin’s Weather Attenuated Color Highlight (WATCH) identifies shadowing effects of short-range cell activity and highlights areas where radar returns are weakened or attenuated by intense precipitation.

The GWX 75 is designed as a replacement for the GWX 70 or as a new installation. For more information contact Garmin online at

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