Jelly Beans Solve A Vexing Airline Safety Issue In An Australian Experiment

New Delhi, October 07, 2018:  The aviation industry has been grappling with passengers ignoring safety briefings, but it turns out that jelly beans could be the answer.

In a surprising limited experiment conducted by Cobham Aviation and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA), passengers began to comply with safety requirements, reducing overweight cabin baggage when rewarded by a small pack of jelly beans.

According to reports published in airlines have struggled with passenger compliance to safety briefings, despite creative approaches like producing entertaining safety videos, some of which have gone viral online. But passengers still try to evacuate with their baggage, ignore rules for the packing and carriage of lithium batteries and other dangerous goods, take selfies during evacuations, and disregard instructions of how to put on oxygen masks that are printed on the oxygen masks themselves.

But, as Mary Poppins suggested, perhaps a spoonful of sugar does help the medicine go down.

The Bean Safe campaign was developed by CASA with Cobham Aviation Solutions Australia, a special missions charter operator that serves civilians, governments military and corporations including Australia’s mining industry.

Passengers received colorful Bean Safe postcards with their boarding pass with instructions. Those passengers who had overweight cabin baggage were given bag tags to check them. Those who complied with the rules were given a small bag of jelly beans.

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