IndiGo Neo flight returns to Lucknow soon after take off, Pratt says bird-hit may have caused this trouble

New Delhi, November 06, 2018:  An IndiGo Airbus A320 Neo flying from Lucknow to Kolkata on Friday had to return to Lucknow after the aircraft had an engine trouble. Twin-engine aircraft can land safely on one engine and this Neo (VT-IVG) operating as 6E-866 also did so and is now grounded in Lucknow.

An IndiGo spokesperson said: “During climb, our pilot received an automated engine related caution on 6E-866 flight which warranted return of the aircraft. Following standard operating procedures, our pilot returned to Lucknow for further inspection. To avoid inconvenience to passengers, we operated an alternate flight.”

IndiGo and GoAir A320 Neos are powered by Pratt & Whitney’s (PW) snag-prone engines. However, PW said Friday’s issue may have been caused by bird-hit.

“The Indigo Airlines A320neo aircraft which was involved in the air turn back to Lucknow airport on November 2 was powered by Pratt & Whitney PW1100G-JM engines. Initial inspection observed evidence of a bird strike and the engine performed as expected in this situation. The investigation is currently in progress and we continue to work closely with our customer to support their operations and minimize any disruption,” a PW spokesman said.

“The PW1100G-JM powers a fleet of more than 280 A320neo aircraft worldwide, which have achieved more than 1.3 million engine flight hours of operation,” he added.

In the recent past, there has been a sharp rise in PW engine troubles on the Neo aircraft after a brief lull according to

The latest trouble in PW engines for the A320 Neos is of high vibrations. In India, IndiGo and GoAir use PW-powered Neos. Almost 10 cases have been reported of high vibration in recent past here. A senior official of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said the “manufacturer (PW) is aware of this (vibration issue) and is working on it”.

Last Friday (October 26), a GoAir A-320 new engine option (Neo) with almost 100 people on board had to return to Delhi on Friday after taking off for Hyderabad after the engines reportedly had “high vibrations”.

While PW engine troubles on the A-320 Neo are mounting, aviation authorities here say there is no cause for concern. “A320 Neos powered by Neo engines are safe to fly. We are monitoring the situation very closely. We have very strick checks in place for the Neo Pratt engines. They wanted us to relax the strict checking norms and we refused,” said a senior DGCA official.

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